COVID-19 Response


Horbakers Repair and Welding is open regular business hours. We will be servicing automotive, small engine, and welding needs. Welding needs will be emergency repairs only. The guidelines have been set to meet the social distancing of 6 feet. Our goal is to keep our clients and staff safe and healthy in the time of COVID-19. Below are some new guidelines we ask everyone to follow until further notice.

Hornbakers Repair and Welding is only accepting check and credit cards at this point. NO CASH. This is to keep our clients and staff safe and healthy. Clients can call from home or vehicle with the credit card information so they stay safe. All payments must be made outside and a receipt will be brought out to you.

Hornbakers Repair and Welding is no longer allowing clients in the building until further notice. This is to protect the clients and staff while also meeting the social distancing guidelines. When dropping off a vehicle or machine to be repaired please stay outside and knock on the door or call from your vehicle and our staff will meet you outside. The staff will get all the information needed to make the repairs.

Hornbakers Repair and Welding will be washing down all equipment before it enters the building and vehicles will be sanitized. Steering wheels, door handles and knobs will be cleaned. All these items will be cleaned again after repairs are completed and the tech gets out for the last time.

Parts store orders

All parts must be ordered online until further notice. If the client wants local pickup please come to the shop and knock on the door or call when arriving and our staff will bring the part to you. All payments must be made by credit card or check. NO CASH PAYMENTS until further notice.

Please note that part orders are slow and some are not arriving for two weeks or more. Hornbakers Repair and Welding can not and will not guarantee shipment dates until further notice.

Part orders WILL NOT be returnable during the COVID-19 event. This policy is to keep our staff safe and healthy.

Hornbakers Repair and Welding wants to thank all the clients and staff for following COVID-19 guidelines. Right now our main goal is to keep all clients and staff safe.