Super Jolly Grinder Tl1150


Super Jolly Grinder Tl1150

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Super Jolly Grinder TL1150 with Automatic Vise feature of a hydraulic chain clamp vise. This automatically locks the chain when the grinding head is lowered and can reduce sharpening time by as much as 50%! NEW Self-centering Adjustment Knob. Powerful, 110v, 300 Watt direct-drive, Ball bearing motor, Large fan and aluminum fins keep motor running cool, Adjustable vise accepts any chain type, Large diameter wheel prevents cutter burn, Mounts on wall or bench, Easy head angle adjustment. Powerful and professional chain grinder. An exclusive hydraulic system ensures automatic chain locking when motor and wheel are lowered, provinding a significant reduction of sharpening time. Sliding vice for proper sharpening of chisel chains. Complete with built-in lamp for improved visibility.

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Weight 21.36 lbs
Dimensions 17.25 × 12.00 × 13.00 in