Deep Creep Sea Foam


Deep Creep Sea Foam

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leans, penetrates, lubricates and dries, all from a 100% pure petroleum product. For use in all 2 and 4 cycle gas and diesel engines. Spray into carburetor to start engines. Use to clean and lubricate air tools, door locks, and guns. Hundreds of household and shop uses. DEEP CREEP works with instant action and is oxygen sensor safe. DEEP CREEP is SEA FOAM in an aerosol can. DEEP CREEP a Multitude of Uses! LUBRICATES pulleys, ball bearings, hinges, wheels, fishing reels, sewing machines, valves, locks, rollers, toys, bicycle chains, gears, fan blades and drawers. PENETRATES rusted parts, seized parts, muffler clamps, heat risers and exhaust bolts. CLEANS grease, tar, adhesives and metal parts. ALL OF THESE USES AND MANY MORE. Meets all National VOC regulations

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